Depression and Dementia

It’s common knowledge that women are generally more likely than to suffer from depression. The chances that women will suffer from depression throughout their lifetime is twice that of the chances that men will suffer from depression. But things seem to only get worse for women. Recent studies show that depression actually increases the chance that women will suffer from dementia at some point in their life.


Dementia is a condition in which one experiences the loss of their mental functions, which can include the ability to think, remember things, and reason in their mind. Those suffering from dementia may also experience that their personality and general moods are changing little by little. It is definitely a treatable condition, but the sooner treatment begins, the better.

In fact, a Canadian psychologist in October of 2011 stated that depression increases the chance of having Alzheimer’s almost twofold. This, needless to say, is an alarming fact. Depression is often overcomes women due to stress, which can be brought on by caring for children, their parents, and working. All of the stress piles up, and for many, it is too difficult to cope with, sending them into a depressive state. Their hormonal changes can also increase the chances of suffering from depression.

A Canadian researcher also discussed the fact that women often value relationships far more importantly than men do. Relationships are not only limited to sexual relationships; in fact, by relationships, we are talking about friendships and social standing as a whole. When this status is lost, or hurt in the slightest way, women can end up suffering greatly, which can lead to depression.


It’s important to understand what researchers are concluding here. Researchers are not concluding that depression and dementia go hand in hand. That is not what they are concluding by any means. Researchers are simply concluding that depression can increase the chance of dementia in humans elder years. Other researchers argue that depression and dementia do not cause one another; they argue that depression is likely a sign that one will suffer from dementia in their older years.

Due to the fact that research is still inconclusive, researchers are hard at work to determine whether or not there truly lies a link between depression and dementia.